• Save Our Schools

School Board Plans on Closing Our Schools Tonight!

Tonight the Grosse Pointe School Board will be voting on whether or not to close two of our neighborhood elementary schools. These schools have been the bedrock our community for generations; now the school board is voting to close them, and our children are the ones that are going to suffer.

By closing these elementary schools, the classroom sizes will grow, and 5th Graders will be moved in the middle schools. We must stand up for our children and our community and tell the School Board do not close our schools.

Please come to the meeting tonight and make your voice heard. Governor Whitmer is still working on substantial increases in education funding and there are other options. There is no reason to rush this vote and erode the bedrock of our community.

Again, please come to Grosse Pointe School Board meeting tonight at 7:00 at the Brownell Multipurpose Room and let the board know that there is no need to rush to close the schools.

Please join us as decisions are being made that impact the future of our children and our community.