We Stand Together for Grosse Pointe Schools

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We, the concerned residents of the Grosse Pointes, believe in these values and as such believe that new leadership is needed for the Grosse Pointe Public School System.

We need a School Board that pursues the following principles:


  1. Ensures the school administration puts the residents and parents of Grosse Pointe first in all decisions, that it listens to those stakeholders, and that it is transparent with those stakeholders on their plans for the district.

  2. Tailors a curriculum to the needs of the students of Grosse Pointe and that meets the GPPSS’ fundamental duty to educate our children for success in the jobs of today and tomorrow.  

  3. Makes it our goal to become the premier educational system in the State of Michigan and top 10 in the United States. 

  4. Works with the State of Michigan to obtain all possible funds to meet its fundamental duty.  

  5. Engages in cost-cutting measures and maximizes additional sources of revenue to ensure that a school closing is only done as a last resort. 

  6. Partners with private foundations to help with the funding of the school system as well as housing for teachers within the Grosse Pointes. 

  7. Commits to the public school system of Grosse Pointe—not charter schools—and will not allow School of Choice to meet funding needs.

Stand Up for Grosse Pointe Schools
How You Can Help