Stop the Grosse Pointe School Board


The leaders of the Grosse Pointe Public School System have failed to put Grosse Pointers first, and our children are going to suffer. It’s time to take action to save our Grosse Pointe schools.

Why We Must Act

The Grosse Pointes have been a vibrant community for over 100 years. It is a special community where generations of families have children, send them through the public school system, watch them go off to college and then welcome them home to start families of their own. Many families have roots that go back to the 1920’s and even further back to the 1800’s.


Our Schools Are Our Backbone

Grosse Pointers have invested in this community and Southeast Michigan to make this one of the most desirable places to live in the country. It is a community and school system that has many many stakeholders.  Stakeholders that demand a seat at the table when it comes to an impact to the very backbone of the community, the public school system. 


The School Board Has Failed Us


The Superintendent of the Grosse Pointe Public School System, his administration and the Trustees of the School Board have failed to put Grosse Pointers first in their actions. The School Administration is pushing the School Board to make rash and drastic decisions that will have long-term detrimental impacts to our community and will result in the devaluation of property values, worsening education and over-crowding in the classrooms. 


The actions of the Administration by proposing and having passed a significant bond with the plan to close schools has shown that there can be no further trust until transparency is put back into the system. The entire School Board must be stopped. 

Closing Schools Is Too Extreme

The closing of any school would be the last and most extreme measure to be taken, and only if true losses are shown to occur to the school system and after all other avenues have been pursued. Such a process would only occur after learning about any new funding being proposed by the current Governor. 


Then the process to fix issues, if any, would be a methodical and rational one, with full transparency given to Grosse Pointe residents with the ultimate goal of electing a School Board that gives parents a voice within the school system. Professional administrators and nonresident educators would be asked for input but would not be given the ultimate choice in impacting our community. 

Stand Up for Grosse Pointe Schools
How You Can Help